Using Reddit for Blog Comments

Reddit provides a wonderful system for voting stories up and down, discussing the stories along with new ites from each subreddit a user has subscribed to appearing in their news feed. The subreddit system is ideal for building a community about a very specific topic. Because of this, I've decided to provide comments, discussion and discovery of articles for my blog via Reddit's subreddit model. And here is how I did it.

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New Platform and Regular Updates

With what I want to do with the blog, a standard community-style blog platform really didn't fit. I've migrated to a jekyll based system using a slightly modified version of Midnight included with Github Pages. As part of the process, I've migrated a few of my previous posts that I wanted to maintain. The whole system is now much easier to maintain and much more pleasant to work with.

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Hacking the Hiring Process

I had been interviewing at several companies and I decided to hack the hiring system a bit and solicit feedback on the areas they perceived as needing improvement.  I received excellent feedback by getting no direct feedback from one company.  They said they felt I was probably a good developer, but that wasn't strong enough to fly me out for an in person interview (understandable, this company was looking for the best).  They also brought up the interview anti-loop (  This was positive feedback as if it was no lack of skill, but happening to hit several weak areas.

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